Convert libvirt xml into qemu command line


I created a VM using virt-manager and I can edit that xml using virsh edit, but I would like to ask you if there is way of converting libvirt xml into qemu command line. I’ve found that someone else made the same question sime time ago :

and the user jkhsjdhjs says :

For converting libvirt xml to qemu command line you can just start the vm with libvirt. libvirt will start a qemu process with a whole lot of command line arguments which you can then save. Since libvirt just starts a qemu process they should perform exactly the same.

ok,but how ? I would like to understand how to start the vm with libvirt,so that I can see every options included in the qemu command.

I tried with :

virsh dumpxml win10

virsh domxml-to-native qemu-argv win10.xml

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