Convert an old laptop screen to a USB powered external monitor?

I have an old laptop screen that i want to convert to usb to make a portable game system from. The model is LP154wx4 and i intended on running it with a raspberry pi and a few usb snes controllers to make a game system for when i travel. Id like to run it off  battery bank if possible.

Your going to need to track down a controller board for the panel (if you don't already have one). THIS SHOULD WORK 
I don't know if they make one, but you should look for a DVI conversion board. As HDMI and DVI are essentially the same pin outs (minus audio) and don't require an active converter. Unlike HDMI to VGA is what you would need with the board linked if connecting to a Pi.

Your also going to require a transformer to step up the voltage from the USB 5v to 12v. (depending on panel, but usually 12v).