About me:

Junior IT at Bob Jones University


I have quite a bit of hardware, I just don't have time to take advantage of it at school.

This includes:
Optiplex 755 (SFF, Core 2 Duo, 4GB DDR3)
2012 PowerMac G5 (Quad core Xeon, 16GB DDR3 ECC, some piddly AMD GPU)
24 port Cisco managed switch (2 Gigabit inputs, 22 100 Megabit ports)
Lenovo Y700 (i7-6700HQ, Radeon M375, Fedora 25)
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (I have a good idea for this)

Not really sure what to write about, so I'm just throwing something down. I've heard many people say that simply putting something down and putting it out there is really the only way to start. What do you guys think? I suppose I'm curious what your philosophy of creativity is. The hardest thing to do (in my opinion) is create something new, because you have to define... Everything. I don't know, what do you guys think? I'd love to just have a conversation.


Just talk about whatever you're interested in... Gaming, programing, design, gardening, double ended dildo usage, etc... If you are interested in something, there is always the chance, that other people are interested in that same thing as well...

I just reply to threads...

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Bob Jones.....impressed
Welcome to the forum.
I am probably the least creative person around so not much there.
Tried some programming on my own (hello world) Was playing around with Linux in the 90's found it interesting but totally knew it would never be more then a hobbyist plaything of an OS. Was kinda wrong on that one:)
Mostly have AMD at home, used to collect old PC's, still have a working 286 and 486.
CompSci class in JrHigh got to use 300 baud teletype's. The teachers pet got to use the commodore Pet. HD was a cassette player.

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Well, here I go to Google most of those things. What kind of work do you do? Seems like it would be something tech related...

Actually no I am just a truck driver. I'm my 20's I spent allot of time on ships working in engine rooms. 4 years in the Navy and 4 years merchant marine. Then I got worki at a moving company, met my wife and learned to drive a truck from some older truck drivers. At that time older 286's were available and was when I really became interested in the hobby.

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White privilege!

I think it is something that is, well, created. It does not matter who or what made it.

I would actually consider it impossible due to the fact that what humans create comes from nature.

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I stopped reading right there.

Hey brother how's it going?! :P
You got some pretty cool tech mang, though not gonna lie... I kinda want @anon85933304's 486 though lol.
I love old tech, inexpensive and useful haha.

There is nothing new under the sun, so... When I'm trying to be creative I often take little bits of other's thoughts and ideas, inserting them into my own ideas, and then refining it (just to be clear, not suggesting plagiarism).

Also having a plethora of life experiences really helps... Though I'm only 20 but I have been able to live richly, I have tons of stories from past experiences. I honestly considering writing a book when I get up in years... If my life keeps up with this trend then subject matter won't be an issue kek.

@NetBandit is our resident troll, don't take him too seriously.

@Nuggetninja is Jewish and an all around fun dude

@anon85933304 likes trucks... And one of our resident patriots. Another all around fun guy.

The others... Not too sure, don't really know much about them.

Me, well...
Goes to Sac State college, getting my undergrad in computer science.
I live out in nature, waking up to the birds singing, there's nothing like it. I've done a lot throughout the years, just waiting for my next adventure :)
Got too many computers (from all years it seems) then I know what to do with... Is into radio, used to own a SW transmitter... Now I gotta make due with a SW reciever.
1337 H4X0R...

Oh and I hang in the Lounge quite a bit.


Hey welcome to the fray.
On creating something new - I think maybe the best creations come out of who we are as people. So just express yourself, don't worry about trying to create something new, or being original, just be you and express what gives you joy. Eventually you will produce something original and unique to you, and that will speak to people more loudly than anything. I've heard it said to writers, write what you know. Stephen King has almost all his books take place in Main or the New England area, why, because he lives there and grew up there. Write/draw/paint/program/build/create what you know and what you love. Another great thing I heard once was from Bono of U2. When asked how they developed their signature sound, he said they didn't try to be anything other than a really bad punk cover band. They were all so bad at their instruments in the beginning that they were forced into playing their simpler style and walla, U2 as we know it was born.
So just start making stuff and see where it goes, you never know.