Controller vs Keyboard in fighting games (Hellblade, etc.)

I recently picked up Hellblade:Senua’s Sacrifice because the premise seemed intriguing. I was expecting an RPG, but it’s really more of a puzzle/fighting game.

I’m finding combat rather frustrating, even on easy. I’m can get by in FPS games, but I’m getting curbstomped in this one pretty regularly. I seem to have the most trouble with the various defensive moves (block, evade, run). The keyboard control scheme is WASD, with Left CTRL for block and space for evade, L-Shift for run. This seems sensible, but I have trouble switching between the CTRL and SHIFT keys with my left pinky, and evade sometimes just seems to not work.

Would I have better luck with a gamepad/console controller? I’ve never been much of a console gamer, with only a few hours logged on a PS2. But if it might make life easier than using the keyboard…

I’ve only played with a controller, and I’d say in general those kind of games are easier with one. But the combat can be fairly fiddly anyway

Based on those keyboard controls I’d find it impossible to play if you need to quickly switch between CTRL & Shift. RPG games tend to vary from developer to developer, some will focus towards console players as it will make it easier to port----PC specific releases tend to focus upon overall gameplay & experience.

In my opinion it really depends upon the game’s keyboard layout(fixed layout vs user adjustable), if the developer was stupid with a fixed layout then a game controller is a better option. Generally I rarely use an XBox controller on a computer, arcade style & sports/racing typically make a controller more ideal due to the amount of precision button pressing. In the past if I “wanted” to play arcade/sports games a console was a better choice due to multiplayer with friends.

I found Hellblade to much better with a controller. I sometimes switched to keyboard/mouse during the puzzle parts, as it was easier to look around.