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Control (Remedy Studios)


Good news for the fans of the Remedy Studios games (Max Payne, Alan Wake etc.) we just got a sleeper hit that has been very little exposed by the usual marketing hype machinery, and a game that which in my opinion fans of the action psychological thrillers like Alan Wake should not miss out. In certain aspects, the game feels like a combination of Max Payne, Alan Wake and Quantum Leap games all rolled into one product, with a sprinkle of Metroidvania games just for good measure :slight_smile:

Played it last night for 2-3 hours, and for now, I must say I am pleasantly surprised in every aspect that makes a game good.

Story, characters, voice acting, presentation, atmosphere, physics, graphics, gameplay, main character very fun abilities, psychological elements, you name it, this game has a little bit of everything for everybody.

Anyways, to end my ramble, for the fans of the above-mentioned games, this is a must-play.

Game is getting high praise in reviews too.

Here is some pure gameplay no commentary/no review footage I recorded last night :



Ehh, gonna wait till I get a RTX 2nd Gen card to get good RTX performance from this game.

Turing doesn’t have that long to go before the next architecture comes.



I’ve only played the beginning but so far it’s really good. Love the style, reminds me of limbo for some reason and also the series Counterpart.

Hoping the enimies get more interesting because so far they’re not really doing it for me.



I gonna pick this game up in 2020 when it is on Steam. Game looks fun from the two reviews I saw. Love the mental abilities like telekenisis and being able to dash. A third-person shooter that is not a cover shooter sounds like fun to me.

For anyone put off by the motion blur and lack of FOV options in the game, there is a mod that addresses those issues. It is under the video settings section of the PC Gaming Wiki page for this game.

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