[Contest Over] Free Copy Of Prototype

I will give a free copy of Prototype on Steam to anyone who can answer this question:

    How did Brink die? (Not the game Brink, the person)

       (There are 3 possible answers to this question)

You won't find this on Google, only a Classy Gamer should know the answer :)

Hmmm... Cancer?

Sorry....Nope...Think more....Angrily...

Was he smashed into a brick wall by a raging psychopath? Only to discover that the psychopath was his shadow? His dark side? His self? Then, he rose up to face his shadow. Only to lose in a fierce battle, his ego doused in failure, and his body crumbling in the asphalt of the abandoned streets. His last thought, only of defeat.

Did I win?

The game mechanics were unrefined, character creation lacked females, making some of the people angry because they wanted more customization.

The online game interaction is extremely flawed, as well as way too many game glitches and other issues.

I tried. lol 


Wasn't an online game....Was no character creation, the mechanics were solid....

You were actually kind of close with that one, you missed one detail though.

he committed suicide. trololol

I wish, it would have been better than what actually happened.

give us a clue


Every single one of my replys has been a clue, including this one!

It's a classic game...anyone who has played it would be able to answer this question instantly. Think more spacey.....

Spacey? Is it HALO?!!

Get out....

No soup for you!

You kill him and it turns out you are him, oh and your in space

He dies digging a hole that he falls through. Lucas Arts adventure game "The Dig"= me gusta.

I love you, as soon as I'm able to log on to steam, I'll send you the game.

Contest Closed, Sorry Guys.

I also would have accepted that Brink caused his own death when he tried to attack Commander Lowe and fell off of the cliff to his death.

Brink also died digging the hole and falling through.

For those who didnt know the answer, the game was The Dig, a game from 1995 based on a short story by Steven Spielberg.

I love you too man!  :P

Guess no one here remembers old school games.