Contest: FUNC wants to know what switches you would like to see in their next keyboard

I just spoke to the good people at Func and they would like to know what switches we would like to see in their next keyboard. Go here to vote:

To say thanks, they are going to give away five MS-3 Gaming Mice! You need to enter now, because this ends tomorrow morning.

Check out our video on the KB-460 here:

I already emailed them about this, a week or so ago, when I wanted to know if the caps were ABS or PBT (they're ABS, it turns out). I wouldn't expect more than the 4 standard switch options, though (Reds, Blacks, Blues, Browns). Cherry isn't producing Greens or Clears in large enough quantity for the interest in them, lately.

Is this a competiton as well? They ask for an email to contact the 'winner'.


Edit: Post update answer my question entirely, obviously.

I think its more of a give away for people that take the time to do the survey

Yeah, I meant that. I mean I took the survey anyway, and winning a mouse would be nice.

Filled it out!, hopefully we see Func release a keyboard with Brown switches :D

They need to create a water proof mechinical keyboard. I dunno how they would do it, but I'm sure their engineers do.

Umm, why?

It's a fault of the switches themselves. the Coating on most boards nowadays ( like the noppos ) makes the board waterproof.

You can do it by applying heatshrink(-ish material) to the switches before they're mounted on the board. The only way water is getting in the switches is if water splashes on the board and then ricochets to the top of the switch. What you can do to avoid that is treat the plastic color part ( the thing the keycap goes over ) with a hydrophobic layer.

That's way too much bother though.

Besides, the only problem when a keyboard gets wet is that you need the switches to dry before they click properly. 

I might consider doing this. My other option was liberal amounts of silicon oil/grease, whichever I think would work best in the long run. Already used some to unstick some of my keys.

I would only use a grease if you don't have an actuation point, totherwise there may be squirtage. oh, and make sure its non conductive.

I want to see more clear keyboards.

they're tactile and not very clicky like a brown but have the pronounced feel like a blue. they also get really heavy at the bottom like a black, which i like.

I am personally using my dads old Northgate Omnikey101 with white alps. they're kind of like a blue switch.

i told them i'd like to see some buckling springs on their next keyboard.  Would be awesome, i miss the old click and pressure from current job, we still have a few of those that cherry use to build, with the credit card swipe built

Look into Unicomp; they aren't "gaming" kbs, but they're new buckling springs.

rgb cherry mx.

Cool thanks. 

nice though but i'd rather have a gaming oriented one, i enjoy the durability of it too, you can beat the hell out of those while mx keys you can't.  I don't do that but it's nice to know how durable a key can get, plus you can customize how hard you want the key presses to be simply by replacing to stiffer springs.

I told them Browns because of how mainstream it is (and it being a lot better choice than reds imo) but seeing a mainstream keyboard with Clears would be sick. I love my browns but really would enjoy them being heavier.