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Containers for untrusted software

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We’ll need to know more about what the actual error message is, and what your container looks like.

I’d recommend using docker for this over lxc. While it’s all the same underneath, docker builds are easier.

What’s the software you’re trying to get working?


I’m sorry, I’m actually an idiot and after setting it up again to get the specific error message I realized that a few simple chmods were all I needed to get the install script working. Thanks for your help, I’ll delete the thread.


Don’t worry about it, happens to the best of us.

I’d recommend having a look at unshare.
Works on the same kernel technology that enables LXC(namespaces)

E.g. unshare -n <application> should remove the network namespace.
If you want extra security, you can also unshare more namespaces(e.g. mount, IPC, PID,.
You can also pretend to be root in the new namespace.

I’d recommend reading the man page for unshare first.

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