Contacting Mayor Mcfarlane of Raleigh to Install Fiber

I sent out this email to the Mayor of Raleigh NC to help encourage the idea of planting fiber in the ground in our beautiful city. I encourage you guys to do the same. Google fiber has plans to work with many new cities and you can go to their website to check if your city is one of them. If you live in Raleigh this will also benefit the surrounding communities (cary, morrisville, etc). Let me know what you guys think of the email and post to discuss your story of how you're helping activate fiber in your neighborhood.
Greetings Mayor ,

I would like to express my excitement and passion that Google Fiber would like to work with us. It is my firm belief that having the best internet connection possible will be imperative for businesses and the tech industry to thrive. This technology would do nothing but great things for our community. Right now the internet is woven through all things, the speeds offered by Fiber optics are unparalleled and will help create jobs through creating new possibilities that previously had not existed without Fiber. At our current state of affairs we simply cannot get access to the high rate of speed that fiber offers with the current internet providers (Time Warner, AT&T). If Fiber optics were installed it would open doors and create an abundance of freedom to the citizens of Raleigh. Please work with Google Fiber in all ways to help build an infrastructure that will cause our city to flourish.

Thank you,