Contacting Fractal

Bit late, but any way you could get him to answer this?

Say we designed something, could we send the 3d cad files, such as solidworks or autodesk inventor, to Fractal, and if anyone likes it, they may be able to produce it? Or implement something like Valve's Greenlight, because as you said, you design as per customer demand.

Making custom cases is so hard. If a company made cases that the community deemed popular, and avoided all the copywrite stuff etc, that would work well.

I like your thinking! Maybe have a vote page where people can vote up and vote down case designs and the very best case designs could maybe be prototyped by Fractal! 

Yea that was what i was hoping would be able to happen, Fractial seems to be one of the few companies that designs based on customers asking, not on 'Whats in' like most companies. I believe that if companies would accept emails containing designs, and the creator is happy for them to create them with no contribition to the creator, they would go through the roof in popularity.

I'm not sure how much Josh could say about something like this. The best thing to do would be to contact them here:

They do read everything and it will get passed to the proper person. At least that's how I understand it.

Cheers logan, by the way, only people from Melbourne ignore the B. Im from Adelaide, and its one of the things we pay them out about most.

On that note, Soon our internet will be better than america, maybe someone from your country should point out that even Australia is rolling out Fibre-to-the-home?