Constructive Criticism

Okay, not to sound like that guy.  But i'm starting Let's Plays on YouTube and I'd like some advice on what i could do differently, change, or to just better everything as a whole.  I'm open to all ideas!

 YouTube Channel

Staph moving those handz. Those games are not scary - play doom 3 [original not the bfg edition] then i promise you'll scream like a little girl :) for few first missions. Then i think you can get used to it.


Don't try to buy into culture of youtubers who play games that were made for them so they can scream and laugh at themselves. If you want to become add something from yourself, don't play those stupid games... talk about something, and find certain amount of people you want to interact with find topic/community that you want to talk about and then yeah in mean time you can play trashy games.

Watched the video, seemed alright. I just realized that I don't like nor care for Let's Play videos in concept though. Can't really suggest anything, apparently I've never seen a Let's Play video before. Really bothers me how you missed a battery in the drawer by the keyboard you were complaining about :)

I was bothered by you skipping those text files so fast too. If it was a game I never played and wanted to see someone play through it, entirely, I'd appreciate if you had something like a 3, 2 ,1 countdown so that the OCD among us could have a chance to pause and read. Wouldn't need as much time to pause for subsequent pages.

I was curious because I picked the game up during Steam Summer Sale and played it for a bit. Got a bit further in, but abandoned it for a while now. It's not so much scary, as just another startler (I'm coining the term right here and now). Relies very heavily on scripted situations, like the hanging corpse behind the door or the big dude materializing behind you when you were going through the passage and got thrown downstairs. Some areas further in the game are either super cliche - I've got this wardrobe I can hide in and this console I have to operate in the room... I wonder if I'll hear someone approach behind the door as soon as I do... Oh noes! Is the enemy going to find me? He's looking right at the wardrobe!.. - or really frustrating, like having to figure out how to bypass a patrolling enemy in the semi-sunken dungeon through countless trial and error.

Thanks, i really appreciate the feedback.  I'll take the time to come up with some interesting Let's Plays that, hopefully, aren't over cliche.

Don't play horror games. Everyone and their dead goldfish plays through horror games. 

Try not to play games that every other let's player has played. 

Why would someone watch an unknown play it, if people like PewDiePie and Markiplier have already played it on youtube?

I would suggest something like Borderlands 2. That way there could be funny situations, people could laugh at your deaths, and you could have guests on your show, playing it with you.