Console Or PC?

*NOTE* I already have $25 down on a PS4 at Best buy since july. but I can easily cancel it


So I have been playing on a HD 4000 laptop for a while now, but with the power of saving money A gaming PC is in view. But with the Next gen Consoles coming out its a tough place to be. Non of my friends have a PC to play things like Planetside 2, BF3, Saints row, GTA expect like 2 who barely play. I do have some good steam friends from a GMOD community from back in the day, but my real friends are on console. I know I will enjoy both, but I can't decide. So if you where in my shoes how would you do this.

I'd always go for PC because my favorite games are there and I need good PC for comfortable work anyway. And I hate gamepads. But this is purely subjective. 

The best way is to get both but you don't have money. 

So this is really decision that only you can make. 

i would say, if you can, get the money back from your investment into the ps4, and buy a gaming pc, although i garuntee that's what most people would say here. honestly if you only have 500 dollars, you can get a pretty good gaming system for that much, but for 400, you're stretching it.

u can build a quad core PC for less then 300$ with an ok GPU, I did it for a friend i used a socket 775 and it stomps his xbox and ps3...

yeah, but when you compare the 300 dollar pc with a next gen console, it doesnt stack well. however if you dont care all that much about graphics, then getting a pc is always the better option.

It makes more sense to compare the price of a console to the price of a GPU because you need a PC anyway. 

Console for sure, a lot of very interesting new games are coming out for console that are exclusive and look amazing. A 400 dollar PC won't cut it for next gen but a ps4 will.

true, but if he only has like 400 total to spend on a system, unless he already has a decent desktop, then he would have to get an entire build, including windows, unless he were to use linux, or even use any alternative means of acquiring operating systems... and that isnt all that great of a system when compared to modern consoles. hey maybe he should wait until someone comes out with a hack for running windows on the ps4, which should be pretty easy and use that as his pc :P


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If that does happen, the hack, please post it on the forum I would very much like to see that and thank you for bringing that possibility to my attention.

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This is a tek forum, everybody will say pc regardless.....

It depends on your play stile, are your friends all gonna get ps4s? If you want to buy a few games (close to the release?) a year and play the multiplayer with your friends id say go with the ps4. If you want to play many different games and dont mind waiting a few months for a game that caught your eyes to be 7.50 in the next steam sale pc is going to be better. If you dont care for your desktop pc aside from gaming and hate having to deal with upgrades or possible problems a ps4 might be favorable. If you care to adapt your gaming experience to your needs and wants (resolution, fps, graphics, mods, 3d, peripherals, keybindings etc.) the pc is pretty much the way to go.

a 400$ ps4 will play games smoothly for 6+ years with more expensive games and being pretty closed,

a 500$ pc will need at least a gpu upgrade a few years down the line with cheaper games, can be used for a lot more then gaming but might have issues at some point.


I´d go pc regardless :P

including windows

Who the hell pays for windows?

Anyway, a decent gaming system costs $650 and I think it's worth it just because using laptop as main PC is suffering. 

cino, you are an idiot. console gaming is OK, especially if you are on limited funds and you just want to play some games.

Also i am sure that "KILL[ing] the friends that still play console[s]" would cost more than gaming PC

"PC MUSTARD RACE" were does the race start.  I would like to see you race your PC with a MUSTARD booster. 

if you are on limited funds and you just want to play some games.

 There are tons of free PC games, for example. And you can play one of those for a very long time. 
And PC games are generally cheapers because of digital distribution systems like Steam and GOG. 
And you can pirate which makes eveyrting close to free cheaper. 
Considering that PS4 will require monthly payments for online play, PC may be not so more expensive in the long run. 

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