Console or PC

I don't know if i should build a pc or but the next generation xbox/ps4

If i'm going to build a pc it's probably going to be around £600/$925, while the consoles are slightly cheaper. The next generation of consoles will also have very good specs, so is it worth while to buy a pc that has slightly better performance.

Many mainstream games that i usaually buy will come out later on the pc and mabye not at all. But the does PC has a larger library of games and supports more indie games.




PC's and Consoles Sort of Balance each others out in terms of what to get.

The Pro's of PC Gaming

1. You'll always be ahead of the Consoles interms of specs and Graphics

2. You have access to Steam sales which are awesome.

3. You Don't have to Pay to Play Online.

4. You can play all your games no matter how old they are and never have to move to another platform. like for example Skyrim is stuck on Xbox 360, and PS3, to play that game you have to play it on those consoles where on PC you can play that game 10 years from now and it you never have to buy the console again cause its on Windows.

5. You can Connect a Controller to the Computer to play games if you dont feel comfortable using the mouse and keyboard. more and more modern games on PC are Optimizing Controller use now.

Cons of PC Gaming.

1. You'll Consistantly will have to upgrade every couple of years because PC games are always getting more and more power hungry. and if you don't have the money to upgrade then you wont have a good experience with the game in terms of Graphics and Framerates

2. If You Just started PC Gaming the Learning curve is sort of difficult depending on how fast you adjust to the Mouse and Keyboard. Some people adjust faster than others.

The Pros and Cons of Consoles.

1. If You started Gaming on Consoles which I'm Pretty sure everyone has its hard to move away from your friends that you play with on a daily basis. because its like how am I going to play with my close friends now they are stuck on consoles whilst I'm on PC. which usually is the reason people dont want to jump to PC to begin with. because not everyone is going to jump with you. and you never want to be alone on PC.

2. the Games are Consoles are Optimized for those Consoles. so You never have to worry about Frame-rates and Graphics they will always be stuck at 60 FPS.

3. They are Definitely Cheaper but. in about 7 or 8 years when that Generation of Consoles are Done and over with all the games you spent will be stuck on those consoles. whilst on PC you can play them forever.

4. EXCLUSIVES: People get Consoles for Games Like Halo or Uncharted or even The Last of Us . because of the Hype that they get. and how amazing they look. it sucks that they arent on PC but its like if You're into those games its like "I NEED TO PLAY THIS"

Its a Tough Decision but in the End PC gaming is Worth it because the Games you'll love will never die with that console. Plus the games on PC are Dirt Cheap compared to Consoles.

PC is not only a gaming platform. Don't you think that using a gaming PC for browsing, working or whatever else is more convenient than a generic one?

For me one of the main reasons for not having a console are controls. Console games just don't support mouse and keyboard even when console itself does. Which makes certain genres of games (RTS, TBS, MOBA) non-existent on consoles and other ones (FPS, TPS) being very incovenient to play. At the same, most modern PC games support controllers.

What is also may be important, is backwards compatibility. On PC you can play ten year old games the same way you played them ten years ago and PC can even emulate consoles (PS2 is emulated fine i think). You can't play PS3 games on PS4.

Your choice is purely a matter of your personal needs. For me the only reason for owning a console are exclusive games but it also works the other way around when choosing betwen a PC and a console. I have more PC games that I certainly want to continue playing than games exclusive to consoles that I want to try. So just get whatever suits your needs best and just buy both if you can afford it.

thanks for the advise

PC will always out do consoles but it is just a matter of preference. If every friend of yours has a console get that. Otherwise get a PC and join all of us!