Console killer?  

so wuold this be a console killer and what could this run?

im a little sceptical of the pwer supply.


EWWW HORRID build your own

haha i was just a little sceptical XD

im planing on building my own for $500  anyways 

Honestly. That's not a bad deal at all. My question is - "How is that guy making any profit?"

Here is a similar build to what they have. *The price is nearly identical!*

It'll be even more amazing if it comes preloaded with a Windows O/S and other software.


I'm not saying you should buy it, though. The cheapo PSU will probably explode. lol

Bad psu very low ram(1333mhz?) to feed that APU its a bad buy if you what to game on enything more than facebook 

But it will play a mean game of doom lol