Console gamer turning PC

alright guys say what you want, I have been a console gamer for a long time now. I have recently seen the light and am almost done ordering all the parrts I need for my own pc build. HOWEVER, being a console gamer, I'm not sure I can just pick up and start playing with a keyboard and mouse. Need to find a good gaming controller(preferrably closer to the PS3 style. Any help is greatly appreciated, also feel free to recommend games and other hardware to get me started properly THANKS

I would reccomend the Logitech F310 Or Logitech F710

I use a wired Xbox 360 controler for some games but I like my keyboard to I have a Logitech G105 and my mouse is a E-3lue Cobra

F310 (Wired)

F710 (Wireless)


You can use a PS3 pad if you get a blue tooth adapter

Personally I'd go with a wired xbox 360 pad. They're probably one of the cheapest main brand controllers you can get and they're built like tanks. I've had mine for about 4 years with it pulling double duty as my main 360 pad and my pc pad and the analogue sticks are only just starting to feel loosened up.

I made myself an adapter for my xbox 360 controller from a salvaged RF board from a Rrod 360. But if your after a PS3 controller the easiest is to do what the post above me suggests =]

thank you all for the suggestions! i will still be after a good keyboard and mouse but for now i used motion joy to use my existing ps3 controllerwith a usb cable

welcome to PC gaming. any keyboard with a nice macro fuctionality should suffice, and there are ome nice mouses you can get really cheap

I'd personally recommend anything from dream gear controllers I had my ps2 controllers for 12 years and they still worked. absolutelly nuts I did do some repairs to them but it was some minor soldering wires back on nothing huge like swapping a chip or something. A good thing about the controllers i got was they didn't have that crappy vibration 'feature' which seems designed to get on my tits.