Console gamer needs help with budget build

Coming over to the dark side from consoles( budget gaming rig build help)

Well after watching the new console reveals, I stumbled upon some of the tek videos on youtube...then marathon the whole series,and decided to build a gaming PC. My budget  is ~$450 I did as much research as i could watching videos, reading reviews and this is what i came up with. Any help going over these parts would be greatly appreciated. My goal is to play FPS and games in general with the quality of current gen graphics. 

Thanks for the help


i would remove that radimax not an well known brand for power suppiles go with an Corsair CX series they cost more but a bad power supply can take out a lot of your other hardware motherboard, GPU, HDD ect

also try to find a better case like here

Didn't know it was a bad brand,Thanks I'll go with one of these corsair. 


Do you need an hdd. keyboard, mouse or anything?

No i got a Spare 500gb and will use my mouse and keyboard from my old computer :)

This would be a good psu that should not burn your house down :)