Console gamer going pc gaming

Hey guys i new to the forums so bare with me :D

so not to long ago ive been starting to get in to pc gaming.. ive been on console for a long time and the varieties of gaming is getting quite dull. right now im gaming on a notebook which has a 2.1 ghz processor 3gb ram and no graphics card :( this laptop is really old and not doing good (falling apart) but im planning to build a gaming computer on a bit of a budget. i just want a bit of recommendations and suggestions.

heres the build..

asus m5a97 r2.0 - motherboard

amd 6300 - cpu

corsair cmz8gx3m2a 8gb - ram

xfx amd radeon 7770 double dissipation - gpu

Coolermaster Elite 430 - case

Corsair Gaming Series 2013 Edition, 700 Watt - psu (i know i dont need this much watts but i know im going to be upgrading in the future so i dont want to spend more on another psu)

also i need to get a monitor as well but all this with the monitor i plan to get all this for around £550 and im trying to keep it under £600 so any suggestion will be helpful.

also what can kind of performance can i expect from this rig?

thanks guys :)


The motherboard is a good budget board: I'm currently using it with an AMD 8350 and it's given me no problems so far.

I'm using a 7770 at the moment (have just ordered an Asus 7970 Direct Cu ii Top) And its a pretty good card; I run Battlefield 3 on High settings in 1080p at around 35-40 FPS. I have no problem running most games on around high settings (other than demanding games like metro and Arma 3)

What games do you plan on playing?

£580 with monitor. I know you want an overkill PSU so you don't have to upgrade, it's a bit silly when you can get around a giant amount more fps-wise in-game. Also I included a better motherboard (not much difference if you're trying to save money, but I'd go with the 99X, but that's me personally). The monitor is really good as well, pretty unknown brand but great reviews and the best price for a 1080p monitor, though it is a bit small so be sure to be pretty close to the screen >_<.

Your rig (kinda) vs my rig (kinda) (though expect around ~5fps less cause these were benched on an i7, but there shouldnt be too much difference).

If you go a little bit over £600 which you definitely should then you will be able to get this build which will play many many games at max settings or close to at 1080p. Overclocking is also very possible if you're interested!


Honestly I would go with the corsair gamer series 2013 600 watt psu and then get a better graphics card, you most likely wont need 600 watts even if you plan to upgrade in the future.

To be honest the game I'll be playing the most is league of legends but I know if I build a decent rig then I would playing games like bf3, crysis, a lot of mmorpgs even a lot of indie games. So really I'll be playing all types of games.