Console Gamer going PC! - #1

Hey , so as you know by the title , I'm a console gamer going PC.

I've been a console gamer since I was 5 on the N64 then I made a jump from N64 to PS2 (I don't know how :P)

Then from PS2 to Xbox Original to Xbox 360.

Now there are many reasons why I'm doing this and one of the big ones is that I feel like I've been missing out.

I just heard about Steam about a year ago include , and when I download it I was SHOCKED!

The prices where just really low and for Xbox360 they were $60 until like 3 months when it goes to $40.

Then I found out even the damn graphics are better on PC and there are tons , and tons of free games not only on Steam but just on the internet in general.

I downloaded TF2 and put everything on Low and guess what I got *DRUMROLL*  5fps... -_-

Thats when I decided I need to build a PC.....

Oh and by the way here are me Xbox STATS and there not good.

On Xbox360 for 7 years.

On XboxLIVE for 5 years

Times HACKED:16(I don't share my password and don't sign up for anything fishy)

Money Spent on XboxLIVE/MicrosoftPoints/Games/Consoles : +2500 (Not including $50 stolen from Hacker)

Had 40,000 gamerscore legit until falsely reset.

                                                                                                                   - Z




Welcome to the fun side

Always nice to see somone finally come to their senses and realise that PC gaming actually saves you money in the longrun. You want me to create a gaming build for you?



Welcome! I switched to PC about a year and a half ago, after being a console gamer for over a decade, and haven't looked back since. If you'd like, as long as you give me a budget to work with, I could put together a build for you as well. 


I will take all the help I can get , because I never built a PC before .

I just ordered a case and I'll show a pic in #2 and its EPIC!

But I have zero clue what good components (Motherboard,CPU,GPU,etc) to purchase.

I will be buying parts every month or so , not all together. (I'm broke :P)

So message me your suggestions , Thanks - Z

Give me a budget

Well I already bought a case , mouse/keyboard , and speakers so......$300-400 of components.

I know it ain't much but I'm not looking for Skyrim on Ultra 60fps , I just want games on MED-HIGH and get like 40-50fps.



getting the case first was a bad idea, you have chosen aesthetics as your most important factor

in the past I have always chosen cpu+board first and then the case to fit the form factor of the board.


Its wasn't really for aesthetics is was because its was the cheapest and easyest to get.

Then I'll start get the insides


This is the cheapest build i can come up with that will run games at reasonable settings.

you could trim the cost down by anouther few bucks by using your old hard drive. (after deleting everything on it)

Welcome to the Master Race!!!

no seriously consoles suck hard, crap graphics outdated hard ware and no room for upgradeability except bigger hdd and the shit service of ms.  

Couple questions:

1.Is everything compatibly?

2.Is 500W enough?


Yes, and yes, as long as your case accepts ATX motherboards.

Thats a Full tower right?

What? ok, just tell me what case you bought, and i'll tell you if it's compatible.

I was an avid console player too, but now I;m shifting to PC! Not that I'm completely abandoning my console, it's just that I now more and more play on my custom built PC


That's weird, I had xbox for 7 years and 5 of those were xbox live the same as you. I was never hacked though, never heard of anyone being hacked on xbox live before.

Your case is compatible. Why did you go and buy such an expensive one befor you bought anything else though?