Console convert building his first PC! Critiques on build?

Hi everybody! I decided a few months ago to get into PC gaming after playing consoles for a long time. I've been researching parts and digging through forums for months in preparation for my build this summer. I'm a little nervous since this is my first build, so I was wondering if you guys could provide me with some critiques or advice. I'd very much appreciate it!

I'm looking at ~$1000 build, give or take. This price includes an OS, but I do not need a monitor or peripherals.  I'm planning on running AAA titles (Battlefield, Tomb Raider, Bioshock, etc.) at high settings on a 1920 x 1200 monitor.  This is pretty much going to be a straight up gaming rig.

I'll probably buy the parts in the next week or two. Here is my current build:

Thanks in advance, everybody!



unless you're using adobe premier 7870>660 (7870xt/le is great if you can afford the little bit more)

I would probably wait for 760's to come out. If they are the price of the 660 but better, it would be worth the wait. They are coming out every few weeks or so.

I was really hoping for Nvidia to release the 760 or 760 ti at Computex this week, but they didn't.  I'm kind of on the fence about dropping another $100 into the graphics card.  The 660 does seem a little underpowered.  What would you guys suggest for a $300 card?  And at that price range is AMD or Nvidia a better option?

for $250

i'm not as in the know with high end, but i beleive it beats the 660ti for less

i'd consider waiting for 700 equivilants, should be the next to be announced as they're going top down so far

I'm not sure what the 300 dollar range cards are like. But I'm going for the 400 dollar 770, which outperforms a 680. That's another 200 though and don't know your full money situation. What made you decide to come to PC? I started playing steam games and got hooked :D

I'm in college and didn't bring my Xbox with me last year, so I started playing PC games on my laptop with my friends.  Since we're all playing on PC  instead of Xbox now I decided to make that my primary platform! Microsoft has kind of been getting on my nerves with the Xbox One too, quite frankly... and yeah, anything Steam is great!

The $1000 price is pretty lenient.  I'd say my absolute max is $1200, but I'd like to stay in $1000-$1100.  

Overlordnick, I've read that the 7950 beats the 660 ti in most situations, but I'm a little cautious about AMD GPUs.  My laptop has an AMD GPU and the drivers are awful, plus the frame latency issue concerns me.  That's why I've been leaning towards Nvidia, even if I don't necessarily get the absolute best bang for the buck.

Trust me man, the AMD driver issues are minimal and will go away. I have a laptop with an amd 5650 and I havent had any issues. I currently run a 7970 on my desktop, and its awesome. With a moderate overclock you can get the 7950 to 7970 speeds. I recommend searching up some benchmarks on games that you play and basing your decision on benchmarks instead of disregarding one company because of driver issues. 

the frame problem is mostly just with crossfire, not single gpu, but if you plan on adding another that would be something to consider

as for drivers, i've never had a problem (well, i was using 2 year old drivers until recently, but that's more of an incompetance thing) (well the drivers for linux are absolute crap in my experience, but aslong as you're using windows)

Alright, I gotcha. I don't really have anything against AMD and am open to either company (I do have to say that the AMD games bundle is pretty tempting!).  I'm not really planning on doing SLI or Crossfire, but it's never out of the question.  

I'm planning on using Windows, by the way, sorry for forgetting to state that earlier.