Considering retiring my FX-6300

Yea I've tried all of this, and it has gotten better in that my list of problems has decreased to just the occassional failed POST. so I will still test things in my new case with the old PSU to see if it still happens, if it does, then I'll try the new PSU. after that I will heavily consider making the switch to Intel. I've loved my computer, but the things like this just make it hard for me to want to buy again. Like buying Subarus time and time again and blowing head gaskets.

The only other thing I can think of is if the power and reset wires are properly/fully connected to the motherboard, or if the case power button might be stuck. I had the latter happen to me before; drove me nuts.

Beyond that, I am not sure what would cause the issue. That motherboard is fairly solid, and the FX-6300 is not going to stress its 4+2 phase VRM too much, unless you're pushing an extreme overclock. The CX series from Corsair wasn't the best line of PSUs, but they weren't the bottom of the barrel, either.

If a new PSU helps, you know what's up. If the old rig is salvageable, I would still hold onto it. Some other people have already said it, but the FX-6300 still has some life left into it. It is not until you go about the GTX 960 or R9 380 level of performance for a video card that you would want to consider getting a new CPU to help alleviate any bottleneck.

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Thanks, yea the Power button is one thing I did not think of. And I have not overclocked the CPU, I toyed with the idea, but at the time I still had the stock cooler and that old case is just outright awful for so many things. (at one point I had a fan MacGyver'd onto the side of the case because it was too narrow for most fans, made the concession of the CM Vortex because the 212 evo wouldn't fit.) The 6300 has been a pleasant experience and since it was my first build I did for myself, I do have a soft spot for it and would like to see it go the distance until Zen.

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Disable 2-3 cores and overclock the CPU multiplier in that instance for AMD with Dolphin.

Did I miss something? how was Dolphin brought into this?

Relating to benefits of upgrading what you have. Intel is more favored because of the dual core processing nature of dolphin emulator.

Ah ok, yea I missed the lead into that haha.

doesnt make a whole lot of sense realy.
ofc it will improve some, but dolphin runs totaly ass on AMD FX.


IPC of AMD can equal that of a 4 core no HT intel if you overclock it high enough with half of the cores disabled. Granted it's not ideal. But, its better than spending loads of money on a new CPU/Motherboard when you already have a good known CPU but his motherboard is choking down his CPU. The 970 FX motherboards were not really designed to power the FX series chips larger than a 4-core. The 6 and 8 core FX line are power hungry, the weak VRM solution on the M5A97 R2.0 is probably what is causing 90% of his boot issues and random crashes.

ehm not realy, you still have to deal with the architectual limmitations of buldozer.
disabling two cores means that you disable one module.
which in the case of a FX6300 leaves you with 2 modules with each 2 integer cores sharing cache and a fpu.
it doesnt realy make a whole lot of sense

Most AM3+ mobo´s that i know off, are not capable to disable every second integer core inside the module.
Atleast Asus boards can only disable modules entirely.

Also the Asus M5A97 R2.0 has a 4+2 powerphase and digi vrm design.
This should totaly be fine for a FX6300.
But i wouldnt recommend it for a FX8 core though.

get a non K i5 and you're miles ahead than the FX.

Few Day later update. PSU was the culprit, tried the replacement and did 50 starts over the last couple of days. Not a single failed POST. super glad it was not another MOBO. Appreciate the Help from everyone. Looks like I can make my build last until I get to see what Zen can do!

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I'm glad you got things figured out.

Side note, overclocking the 4+2 power phase with an FX-6xxx series processor has the same effect as if you were to try and run an FX-9xxx series in a 6+2 power phase M5A99FX Pro R2.0, ain't gonna happen unless you underclock the CPU. Even with my FX-8350 I wasn't able to get it stable much higher than 4.6GHz with an M5A99FX Pro R2.0, It would run at 4.7GHz but it wasn't 24/7 stable.

well according to that,
Pistol exaly had used a FX9590 on a Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0 which was totaly fine.

But a 4+2 powerphase digi vrm, is basicly totaly fine for a FX6300.

i personaly run a FX8350 on a Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0 which is a 6+2 powerphase + digi vrm board.
and the max OC i got out of my FX8350 was 4.8Ghz at 1.44V, achieved with Northbridge overclocking.
But i would not recommend to run nor overclock a FX8 core on a 4+2 powerphase board.

PS. You could throw an 8350 in there if the 6300 starts to seem like a problem. So long as you aren't overclocking, I don't think there will be a problem. Lets see if others agree here.

I was interested in the fx-8000 series, but the only reason I would consider one if it works well with my MOBO is if I had better internet to stream. But I'm not holding my breath with only time warner around