Considering new build. Will Windows give me grief?

I am considering upgrading my Z77 platform to a Skylake w/ DDR4 build sometime after Christmas. Will swapping out my motherboard cause my W10 installation to think it's on a new machine and tell me it's illegitimate? I've heard mixed things about putting a W10 storage drive into a different board. I will be using the same storage drives. Thanks!

Yes. It will be annoying.

There is a reason I now just use keygens. I have legit keys of every version of windows. I just do not bother because they only last a few months before it becomes too much of a main to call windows and revalidate the key.

Its really fucking stupid imo.

You generally can't just up and swap motherboards and expect it to go smoothly, just grab a windows 7 iso, and you'll be good to go. Preferably near vanilla so there's less spying done on you.

Herro linux.

The illegitimate way to do this would be to install windows 7. Use Daz's Windows Loader to activate...and then get your free upgrade.
Works every time.

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