Considering Building My First

My budget will be around $1400. I live in Canada (CAD$) but will most likely be buying from the USA, because it's cheaper. I have most peripherals, and won't be buying any new ones with the PC. My computer will be a lot of things. A gaming computer, used for rendering video, and as a media PC. I do not want to over clock this build. I have a copy of Windows 7 I will use for the computer. 

I would love to be able to play at highest settings with at least 30 fps. Most likely I will be playing at 1920x1080. I like almost all types of games, Click adventures (Walking Dead), FPS (None on PC atm), Adventure (Skyrim), Building (Minecraft/Terraria), Indie Titles, I like to try new games all the time. I don't have any software picked out for rendering at the moment, and won't be getting any very soon. It will be both Movies and Photoshop images. 

I'm looking for recommendations on changes in hardware, or just general opinions.

I am planning on saving for a G-Sync monitor after I purchase this, for the moment I know a place that sells old monitors for $15, or else I can borrow a friends)


Parts List (will be updated over time, all in USD$)

  1. Asrock M8 - ($509.99, Link)
  2. Asus GTX 770 DC II 2GB ($369.99, Link)
  3. Intel i7 4770 ($309.99, Link) Was: Intel Xeon E3-1230V3 ($264.99, Link)
  4. Noctua NH-L9i ($47.99, Link)

don't get a xeon, an i7 will be loads faster in gaming, and also in rendering

I updated the log. :)

Holy shit. 500$ case?


Me personally i would get a cheaper case and up a tier to either a R9 290x/780/780ti

I'd also not go with the Asrock M8 case unless you really, really want the look of it. It is way to much at $510 for everything it has. It really is a premium item and i don't see the need for it over something like the fractal design node 304. If your ok with going done the node path, here's what I'd do:

Like the build, don't really like the case. I also don't need the SSD. I'm pulling my 360Gb SSD out of my MBP. I also have an extra TB hard drive lying around I can use. I could save the $300 isn on the drives and upgrade to a 780 TI. Got any other recommendations for cases though?

How's this looking?

What do you guys think about