Considering an upgrade on my rig

Hi there!

I have a very humble system. There it is:

Pentium G3220 @ 3.00 Ghz
8,00GB DDR3 Kingston
MSI B85-G41 PC Mate
Intel HD Graphics (MSI)

I thought many times to upgrade, but I didn't yet, in your opinion what should I upgrade? I do a little gaming but I don't do more cause I think I can't with this rig...


If you do minor gaming, for example, probably an hour of gaming a day and just want something that is good, and will work, and don't really want to break the bank you can grab an R7-260x, it's about $110 right now and you'll be able to game around 1080p at medium to high settings with a reasonable frame-rate.

Unless you give a specific budget, i can't really say what to recommend, but this something i'd use if, i was just doing extremely minor PC Gaming.

Well that's right on! It's a ok investment for a GPU I think....and buying used? What do you think? It's a gamble right?

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Video card, Video Card, Video card. It will give you more performance per dollar than upgrading anything else in your rig. Here are some of the best options at the price points:

~$120: EVGA GTX 750ti Superclocked (can play most games at medium settings at 1080p 60fps)

~$150: MSI R9 270 Twin Frozr (can play most games at a mixture of High to Ultra at 1080p 60fps)

~$220: XFX R9 280x Double Dissipation (1080p 60fps Ultra all day, and most games at high at 1440p)

~$250: Flucuates a lot but there is always an R9 290 at this price point which gives you ~20fps boost from the 280x

~$300: GTX 970 ( 1080p 120fps max settings, 1440p 60fps max settings) Also unless your playing games at 4K, the 3.5 GB shouldn't be a problem what so ever

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Whats your budget?

I would concider an cpu upgrade to an locked i5, and a GPU upgrade if you can afford.

Probably around 100/150 Euros...I'm planning to update like near May (my b-day) cause then I would have some cash flow! =)

okay, then i would recommend to wait, till you have more cash.
you can add those extra €150,- to it aswell then.
I live in a Euro country aswell, and Hardware parts are pretty expensive.

On your current mobo, you could trow a i5-4570, or what not, and then pair it with a nice GPU like a 290X and then you have a beast of a gaming setup.

I would say, save up the cash, and upgrade the cpu + gpu on your birthday, and be happy. :)

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Yeah it's a little expensive to get hardware parts!

That was my thought, having a beefy CPU and a good GPU...but for GPU it's always very confusing, there's a lot of brands and stuff for me it's a little overwhelming.

These rig is for the long run...when I can I would update it! Yes, you probably right, with more cash I can upgrade the CPU and GPU...and have a very decent rig! =)