Considering a new upgrade

I'm going to try to keep this short and to the point. I have a fx6300 on a m-atx mobo (to tired to look up the model). I'm considering upgrading to a 4770k or a 4790k. I know I would need a new mobo due to having an amd cpu, but would I see noticeable gains in gaming, (My main use for my computer, I don't think my 6300 is slowing down youtube lol).  Would upgrading be worth the money?

If you really want to upgrade and jump ship to Intel. I would just hold off until Broadwell/Skylake is released. If you find that you are really impatient and just cannot hold off a 4790K would be your best bet. If you want to save a little money on the CPU and Motherboard, I suggest a Xeon 1231v3 with a B85 motherboard. I have build a couple of PC with that combination and they are running quite well and have had no problems so far.

I don't think you'll see a huge performance difference when switching to Intel.  Not worth the amount of money you need for a new mobo and cpu

upgrading to intel you will see fps gains in cpu bound games yes definitely.

But it depends allot on your current gpu, if its worth it or not.

Get a good cooler and an 8350/8370, then try and get 4.7-5.0ghz out of it. I can't seem to justify a new board and cpu. In circa 2-3 years jump on Skylake-E.

doesnt matter much FX8350 and FX6300 are basicly the same chips, the FX6300 only has 1 module disabled.

No matter how high you overclock a FX8 core, even a FX9590, just gets asskicked by even a locked haswell i5 in gaming.

So upgrading from a FX6300 to an FX8350 is not worth it.

Upgrading to intel can be worth it, depending on your current GPU. and the games you play mainaly.

Here we go again.....

 Your CPU is fine. Upgrading at this time is NOT worth it, my 2cents

 M atx in general for amd suck for that cpu. Min upgrade 970 mb maybe the msi gaming version. Or a 990 if you wanna cf or something? Thats what i would do. Overclock that cpu , it begs for it. What are you using for a gpu?

I would say, it is worth it but only for heavy multitasking. If it just a gaming machine, ya not worth it.

The FX6300 is still a very capable cpu to play games with a midrange gpu, at playable frame rates yes.

Thats why i said it depends allot on the games he is playing, and the GPU he is using. FX6300 is fine for any midrange gpu.

We need your systems specs and usage.  Sometimes the upgrade your need isnt what you think. My 6100 and 7870 is still a good little gamer so? Ya ,more info.

If you can hold on i would suggest that intel skylake look good as do amd zen. im on the same boat but for me the i7 4790K is not worth for me since that cpu has trouble running zelda tp.The reason i know it has trouble on it is because my friend has that cpu. Plus the fx 6300 is still a strong cpu i like it but at the same time cant wait to retire it too.

"Ass kicked" may be a bit of an over statement. Comparing my 8350 to the Xeon and i5 we have it is clear that in some titles the Intel parts do win. It really isn't by that much though...

Agreed. There were people running two 7950s on an FX 6300 no problem. 

The FPS difference in the select few games that favor Intel aren't that massive. A new GPU would be a better option. 

Plus if you are happy with the performance what is the point of upgrading? Especially the CPU which won't make that much of a differnce. No where near what a new GPU would. 

Also an i7? Really? For a gaming rig? That is a major waste. A 4790k + Z97 mobo= over $400 for maybe a gain in a select few games of what? Maybe a few more FPS?

i talk about cpu bound games offcourse not GPU bound ☺

like i said if its worth it or not depends allot on the games he is playing.

an i7 is a complete waste of money for gaming.

But thats mentioned allready.

Upgrading from FX6k to Intel for gaming... total waste of money. The FX6k doesn't bottleneck the fastest gaming GPU's that exist for the moment, anything else won't feel faster in general applications, and for gaming it won't make a difference worth mentioning. Reinstall Windows, clean up the machine, that is what will give you the best performance upgrade, and it's completely free. If you keep Windows clean and don't let crap on your system, and reinstall the whole thing once or twice a year (or restore a snapshot if you're running Windows in a linux container, then it only takes seconds and you can have a clean install as often as you want), your system won't get slow, and you'll stay happy.

Sorry for my replying for so long. A few people were wondering my gpu, it's a evga 760 super clocked. So everyome is mainly saying it would be a waste of money. And a few people are saying go for the 8350? So if I understand what people are saying: the cost of an upgrade to Intel won't justify the performance, maybe get an 8350, I think someone said get a new mobo (which I've been meaning to for a while, I was on a tight budget and my gigabyte g8-lmt [trying to remember of the top of my head] and others are saying get a new gpu. but to clarify people asking what my gpu is: evga 760 superclocked. 

And yes, it's a 100% gaming/YouTube & Netflix machine. Only multitasking I do is watching YouTube and researching car stuff lol

im going to try to remember everything off the top of my head: fx6300, evga 760sc, gigabyte g8-lmt (I think that's what its called), adata xph v2 8gigs 1600, WD blue 1 tb hdd, crappy rosewill case, windows 7. If I missed anything please ask. I should have given more info in the original post, but I wasnt thinking