Connection via rdesktop

Hello all, I have a question, how do I connect remotely from Linux to Windows using rdesktop?

I would think it should connect the same as the Windows based RDP client.

You open the app and then type in the IP address of the machine you are trying to connect onto.

I would also think that it maybe able to use the hostname of the machine your are trying to connect onto.

This is assuming it is on the same network as the Linux computer.

I’d suggest checking out Remmina, a remote desktop gui for linux which includes RDP support.

Rdesktop and xfreerdp are cli clients that will require the correct options via cli. Also be aware that rdesktop doesn’t support CredSSP, so it won’t be able to connect to modern versions of Windows.

I was recently reading about rdesktop and I liked one article, it described everything in detail. It said
Implementing this software isn’t too complicated, but enabling it to connect with a PC requires making changes on the actual Windows box. See steps below:

  • Enable remote desktop port no. 3389 in Firewall.
  • Enable remote desktop under Windows Operating System.
  • Require at least one user with a password.
  • Once you make all of the above Windows configuration settings, users can install the app on your system, and start accessing a Windows desktop.
    More details can be found here How to use Rdesktop Linux
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I think nowadays the FW rules are enabled automatically, if you enable RDP on the target. User with password should be standard too, Windows doesn’t let you enable RDP or file sharing for users with no passwords, or doesn’t accept any connection with this users credentials.

Some versions of Remmina have a bug and display incorrect colors or a blank screen, if you haven’t saved the connection within the program.