Connection Problems through LAN, 200 mbit/s connectivity

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Disclaimer: I am not a native English speaker, please excuse my grammar and orthography errors.

I hope someone from this community can help me, I don’t have a clue and I doubt my Onboard-Hardware is the problem. I’m using Windows 10 on a pretty old Mainboard, its a Asus Maximus IV Extreme Z from 9 years ago.

I am facing issues when playing online Videogames or working via Business VPN with my internet. I have tried a lot of troubleshooting like updating my Onboard LAN Hardware Drivers, restarting my Router a couple of times, changing some Configurations, resetting it back to default, commands like /flushdns, changing some LAN device settings on Windows, everything without any sign of improvement. The issue I was facing was some kind of network stuttering every few seconds, Telemetry shows ping jumping from 32 ms up to more than 1000 ms and packet loss in that time. After a short moment, everything works fine again and it appears again after like 20 seconds. The same happens to Wi-Fi connected devices. These issues make Online gaming impossible and I often lose connection to university or business networks. My Internet speed is somewhere between 190 Mbit/s and 213 Mbit/s every time I check it. When I restart my Router, it seems to work for a few hours and then the same things happen again. The only devices connected are my computer, my phone via Wi-Fi, one more Phone and a laptop.

I hope someone has an idea of how this issue can be fixed. I have also tried finding a newer firmware for my router without success. Is there something I can do from my PC?

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Your router hardware may be faulty. This behaviour is typical of a faulty router or modem. Or it could be a cabling issue.

First try eliminating cable issues by plugging the pc direct to the modem with nothing else connected. Turn off WiFi.

If you have a service contract with your ISP ask them to test it as well.

If you have access to another pc or friend with a laptop try transmission of data over the internal network to see if it has the same behaviour.

Finally check you have good power and the circuit isn’t overloaded

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Does the same issue occure when not using a vpn?
Do you also game over the vpn or physical connection?

Thanks for the detailed answer. We checked it by using an FTP service (basically just a USB drive plugged into our modem) and the behaviour was not the same, it worked fine.

My ISP told me everything seems to be normal with my connection and there is no new firmware available for my Router, they say it’s the newest model and it should be working normally. My contract is barely 4 months old; if it’s a hardware problem they probably sent me a box with a small defect.

The router’s power comes from a direct plug in the wall, I tried a few plugs I have I am using my PC with for example but it made no difference at all…

Finally, I am using 2 LAN cables at the same time, as it makes no difference over using 1 cable. I tried every LAN port on my mainboard and on the router, every LAN cable I have in my house, still the same issue.

I really appreciate the answer because I had lots of options to check if everything else works fine, thanks for that. Now the second part, coming to the second Answer, thank you too MisteryAngel:

@MisteryAngel After all that I found out (very interesting) my Internet just shows this behaviour AFTER connecting to a VPN and then disconnecting from it. right after disconnecting something seems to be wrong.

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Bro so in a nutshell, when it comes to vpns with gaming, if you want an optimal experience, connect to the server closest to you. Lets say you are in Turkey and want to play on a different server, my bet is germany would be the best option for you, so keep that in mind. Because theoretically even, the closer the server to you, the lesser the latency (packet loss)
Regarding slow speeds in general, it is good to choose the right channel for your router so for that you can use any wifi analyzer app to see what works best for you in your area. Here is a more detailed explanation on slow wifi and fixes.