Connecting two speakers to computer?

Is it possible? 

I read somewhere you can use splitters and basiclly direct the sound two ways, but that often times the quality suffers. So what is the easiest way of connection two sets of speakers? 

If you have a motherboard that has 5.1 or 7.1, then you can plug speakers into two ports and set them both as front out. That only workd for realtek HD audio, though.

so two speakers into on AUX cord? and then connect that to your mobo audio(s) or into the front header (headset jack)

So you want to split the stereo signal into two yeah? 1 for each set of speakers? If so then just grab a 2x3.5mm to 1x3.5mm splitter, quality wont be affected.

Thank you guys for the replies! Once i get some new speakers, will report back.