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Connecting to the second gpu output?

I have a dual monitor windows 10 VM which really needs both monitors to work effectively. I managed to get Looking Glass to work with the primary monitor and it is great. I also started a second instance of the host as admin with dxgi:adapter=0 dxgi:output=2 via the windows command line and I can see both instances running in task manager.
Now how do I connect to the second instance of the host thru the Looking Glass client (or am I not understanding what is possible)??

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AFAIK, there has never been support for running multiple screens in Looking Glass.

For a while (around beta 1 if I remember correctly), it was possible to run two instances, as you are trying to do. But that was broken by code changes in beta 2 I think.

Having multiple monitors is on the want to do list, last I heard.

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Ahh. Thanks for the explanation. That makes sense.

It’s low priority but on the list… lots of other things need to be done first :slight_smile:
I have a multi-head setup and would like to see it too, just doesn’t warrant the time yet.