Connecting Home Theater Speakers to PC

oh my bad yeah, it would be 2 channels. Confused myself.

As for the HDMI, DVD players dont have an HDMI input. You could get around it by getting whats called an HDMI audio de-embedder. It extracts the audio from an HDMI cable so that then you can change it into RCA or S/PDIF or whatever you want. But they are really expensive professional grade audio eqipment (you wont really find one for less than $200 second hand, most are about $500 new). So i doubt you'd be interested in that.

As for will everything be indentical to the L/Rfront, not really. The front left and back left will be identical (one channel) and the front right and back right will be identical (second channel). Then im pretty sure the center and the sub just run both channels at the same time (giving you the combined average of the two channels).

Hope that helps :)

Okay that makes senses.  Well that should work then.  Could you send me a couple more links to stuff that would work?  Also, I would like to buy something new if it's possible to do that and stay in budget.  And I would prefer buying from someplace other than eBay, if at all possible (Amazon would be great!).  Thanks for all the help!!

ok ive had a look and its bit difficult. Basically, the part that you want is the DVD player that comes with a set of new home theater speakers. From what i can tell, its nearly impossible just to buy that part new from the manufacturer.

As i see it there are 2 main options left. The first, and preffered option is to get one second hand, because people are selling the DVD receiver seperately to the speakers. It will also give you a pretty good quality one for not too much money (should be able to find one for less than $50).

The alternative is too buy a really crappy set of home theater speakers, which will include the DVD player. Then, you can just throw away the speakers, which will have really crappy sound quality anyway and swap in your own speakers. This will work although it will cost more since you are paying for the speakers which you dont need ($80-$100 for this option). Also, the amp in that player wont be as good as one you could find second hand.

Let me know what you wanna do :)

EDIT: also i forgot to mention that there's still the option of buying a home theater receiver and amp. This will give you the best sound quality but also be the most expensive

Well, I don't want to buy a whole set and throw half of it out.  I was looking around yesterday and it was damn near impossible to find what I wanted new.  So I guess I will have to go second hand.  As far as buying a receiver, I think that's going to be way too expensive.  I can't find any really stripped down receiver that does only what I need it to do.  Everything has 47548054 HDMI inputs and 536675685 different features that I don't need and I'm not paying $300 for something I don't need.  If I could find a box that strictly amplifies and nothing else for under $100, that would be perfect.  But as far as I'm concerned, that doesn't even exist.

yeah, thats pretty much what i found too. The annoying thing is that that part exists, but it doesnt appear that you can buy it seperatley from the manufacturers. Maybe make a seperate forum post now that you know what you're looking for and someone might know of something.

Good luck with it all :)

A friend of mine knows a guy selling a DVD player with 5.1 surround for $30, manufactured in March 2012.  I'm not sure exactly what it has, but I should know by tomorrow.  I think it has HDMI out (but not in :( that would be perfect if it did) but I think it does have S/PDIF in, which I might look into buying a splitter to convert HDMI to S/PDIF so I get true 5.1.  Not sure yet, but I will keep you posted.

you cant really get a pliter to convert hdmi to s/pdif unless you want to spend $250 minimum. A better option would be to buy a soundcard that has a s/pdif out and then use that. Also, s/pdif can only give true 5.1 if your sound card supports compression.

I got the DVD player for $30 and it works pretty well.  Haven't fully tested it out yet, but I think I'm all set.  I might get a sound card with S/PDIF out later down the road, but for now I will just use RCA cables.

Thanks for all the help!!!