Connecting Graphics Card To Tv?

I just bought a pc. When everything is delieverd I am going to do an external build meaning I'm going to do a build outside the case first to make sure that everything works however. I don't think the monitor will be delieverd in time to test if it's working which sucks but I had a little idea couldn't you just hook up the graphics card to the tv??? I mean my graphics card has a HDMI port and so does my tv? I mean it says on my graphics card page that the maximum digital resolution 2560x1600 or does that not matter So can't i connect it to that to test it or is there limitation to the size of the screen or something I'm not to sure but please tell me thanks.


Ps this is my graphics card:


Yes, works fine with tv. Nice Nvidia avatar.

hahah thanks I know it's purrty but know that i think of it i have an AMD processor and graphics card...  well atleast my laptop graphics card is nvidia :DDD

but does the maximum digital resolution 2560x1600

not change anything

No, you an always use less than the max.  That's the top limit.  You could plumb it into 800x600 if that's all you had...

Unless you have a 4k TV (which I highly doubt) you will be fine hooking it up to the TV.

Nope I wish i did though