Connecting a 7.68TB Enterprise SSD to a PC

Hey everyone,

So I got some older (IE a year or two old) enterprise gear from a buddy who does electronics recycling. Was able to snag a 7,68TB Samsung PM1633a SAS SSD.

What would be the best way to go about connecting this to a standard PC? Is it possible? Can I just run a SAS to SATA adapter and if so which one? I know I wouldn’t be getting full throughput with that but IDC too much. Just want to play around with this big ol drive.

Any help would be appreciated.

Le drive connectors

You need a sas connect so get a used raid card on eBay and flash to IT mode

Adapters might work not sure though as I’ve never used one

Adapters seem cheap so might as well give one a try. Worst case return it.

What is the sata controller on your board?

To my knowledge, there’s no way around getting a SAS HBA or RAID card.

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Upon further review

The chipset does not support sas


Alright thanks guys for the help.

Really appreciate it.

And an LSI i8 card that’s like $70 new or like $30 from eBay should do it

So like $100 investment


If you dont invest in that shit, Would totally pick that up from you :stuck_out_tongue: How about $3.50

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