Connect Android Smartphone to PC and use the microphone

As the title suggest I'd like to connect my smartphone to my PC and use my PC's microphone and headset, Is something like that possible?
For instance, if someone calls me on my phone I'd pick up on the phone as usual. But instead of talking in the phone and putting it to my ear, the sound is transmitted over the PC.

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I know there are apps. What OS? I know there's an app for iOS called 'TalkBack mic' or something. Sure there's something similar for android.

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Bluetooth A2DP + Hacks is the easiest low latency method.

It is supported and possible under Bluez with Linux but nobody has made an application to do it for windows.

Also you have to consider if your phones bluetooth stack supports it, usually it doesn't because security reasons or just shitty bluetooth stack.

As for other methods routing audio via an app that hooks the audio system on android and pipes it over wifi to a audio streaming socket on your system... Yeah nah, nobody's made that in any meaningfully useful way that isn't lagged to the moon.

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Ghetto method would be get a magicjack or free VoIP service for your computer and set all your calls to forward to that number where it would use your computers equipment.

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Thanks for the answers. When googling, it seems people were more interested in using a smartphone as PC microphone instead of the other way around.

@stenstorp Windows (10)

Ok, so there is no easy method where I just go into settings and configure something such-and-such? Pity...