Confused with True audio

I am an audiophile, ive been one for over 8 years now.
most people who like to listen to lossless audio use a program to detect if the audio is truly lossless.
Sometimes they also use spectrographs to actually see the difference in audio, to see if any quality is lost. well while i was checking a cd i bought awhile back i wanted to check if my cd is truly lossless. i never tried it before since i know its lossless since i bought the cd! anyways, while i was checking the audio. some of the tracks detect that it was MP3 95% and i was like the hell? how? unless the producer made it in mp3 and put in the cd which is evil and wouldnt make since, since the other tracks are CDDA 100% so how can that track be lossy? AND it gets even weirder i downloaded a mp3 file of some song i know, i uncompressed it into a wav file and it said it was lossless??!!
WHAT THE SHET?! how is that possible? its obiously a bug in the program. i use audio but i dont think i will use it anymore its making bad mistakes which defeats the purpose of audio checking!! i used the spectrograph of the mp3 and i can see the lost in frequencys in the track and i can hear the difference especially so this blew my mind. but the question is i dont know what program i should use to check my lossless files that i download from beatport or etc. i can read a spectrograph but not so well. does anyone know a good audio checker program and how to read a spectrograph is a track is lossy? since songs have different frequencys its hard to tell for me ya know and heres some pics of my report.

  • MP3 to WAV (so lossy + lossless = CDDA 100% lol)


  • MP3 file (u can see the cut of on the spectrograph)


  • MP3 to WAV (as you can see its filled but its actually theres nothing)

WAV is losless, but mp3 is a compression format, and therefore lossy. you're not gonna magically get that data bac. the reason they use mp3's is due to size... an mp3 is less than half the size of a WAV.

oh heres the cd file that said its lossy

i understand that im just saying that i wish there was a program that is stable to detect lossless losses
 do you understand?