?confused, frustrated and bottlenecked?

ok wasnt sure where to post this cus its basically cpu mobo and gpu problem

but anyway

i have a amd 9500 quad core
my gpu is nvidia 9800 GT
and my mobo is a ECS A780M-M2 (which is there not selling anywhere anymore so heres a link to the site)

and its bottlenecked

now i was planing on getting an core i5 for christmas with new mobo and ram but i wanna know what the best thing to do is cus im lagging really bad in most games on low settings

example crysis wars on all low don't get over 25 fps usually have about 10

i am thinking about buying a cheap dual core for the time being but idk if thats a good idea??????

I would definitely get a new motherboard, like a decent AM3 one. Then overclock your current CPU to see if that fixes it.

well maybe

DOnt stick with cheap.

yea i think i just gonna have to deal with the lag til i can buy an i5

What settings are you playing at? AA/AF, resolution? CPU-clock speed? 9800 GT is a medium-seetings Crysis card, keep in mind.

But a quad-core @ 2.9 GHz (AMD) should be able to remove the bottleneck of the card.

Be sure not to go cheap on PSU, RAM, motherboard and cooling! Those things are the most important when overclocking a CPU!

my settings on all low neither aa or af when i change my resolution down it doesnt a make a significant fps drop

so i get about the same fps on 1440x900 and 800x600

Actually it will run crysis on high, at most resolutions. Like 1440x900 I would expect to run at MOSTLY high settings with a very playable FPS.

Playable is a minimum of 24 fps. To be 100% sure I'll say 40-60 fps.

But yeah, without a bottleneck 9800GT can do a medium/high at playable fps.