Confused as fk about AMD GPUs

Which is going to be coming out after the 7000 series, the 8000, 9000 or rx200?

And when are the projected released dates? I have been getting some serious mixed answers.

The HD8000 Series is the same as the HD7000 Series, except it refers to the mobile/laptop version of the GPU. The next line of graphics cards from AMD will not be using the HD name. I must admit I too am quite confused with the new naming scheme, but apparently the series will be marked with an R and then the series number. So R-7 would be the series number for a 7970 GHz Edition.

Sorry to say that I haven't got a clue as to what the rest of it means. If I understood it correctly (which I very likely did not) a graphics card could have a name like this:

AMD Radeon R-9 4970.

As far as I understand, the Radeon 8xxx only has m parts, so Radeon HD 8xxxM. M meaning Mobile, I think.

The next gen, from what I understand, will use a similar naming system as the apus.

In R9-2xx the 9 is the same as the 9 in 79xx. The 2 is the same as the 7 in 7xxx just, because they already have a 9xxx series from way back, they're starting over with 2...

So a 9970 equivalent I think will be R9-280.

9950 -- R9-260

9870 -- R8-280

9850 -- R8-260

9770 -- R7-280

Also a 7970 would have been named R9-180. The first 7 is the same as R9-180. The 9 is the same as R9-180. And the last 7 is the R9-180.

This is all speculation, so maybe the x in R9-1x0 might be different, but I think the rest is pretty accurate.

Post scriptum: Maybe the 9990 would be R10-290?

The AMD site has desktop GPUs listed for 8k:

they're for oems, 7000 series rebranded