Confused about raid 10

i’m not sure if this is under the wrong category but yeah
i was looking into raid types today and i got really confused by raid 10 from my understanding of raid 10 it was 2 raid zeros inside of a raid 1. but all the stuff im reading and the diagrams i’m looking at are saying its raid 1 inside of a raid 0. which to me makes no sense since its in a raid 0 if you lose 1 disk you would lose the entire raid 0 which would then kill the raid 1 if that was the case. am i just misunderstanding how raid works?

one of the articles i was reading

Yes but in this case the ‘disk’ is a RAID1 mirror, so if only 1 disk fails then the other disk in the mirror is still there and as far as the RAID0 is concerned it still has both disks.

In a four disk RAID10 array you can lose up to two disks so long as they are in different mirrors, if you lose two disks in the same mirror you lose the array.


but wouldn’t it be in a raid 0 striped with the other 3 disks and since you lost 1 disk wouldn’t that make the raid 1 unusable

Oh i get it now thank you raid 10 is every raid 0 disk is actually 2 disks in raid 1 while a 01 would be a mirror of the full raid 0. thank you this was bothering the hell out of me