Conflict of intrests

    So, having learned a good deal between motherboards, GPUs, CPUs and APUs. Single threaded and multi-threaded performance, I am STILL at a stalemate. On the one hand we have a quad core with a 8+2 powerphase board. with good video card (GTX 770) and 16 gigs of RAM (yes I need it, but obviously not for games

On the other hand, I have work (dread) I DJ weddings and my main DJ program analyzes the tracks and will not play them until it has finished, you can see how that becomes a problem. The 8 core of this build would do MUCH better in analyzing tracks and not bogging down under effects. This build will only have 8 gigs of RAM (plenty for gaming) the problem that I face is that the work PC would offer more for work for less money. I can afford the 16 gig system, but I really shouldn't as it is a bit of a stretch given I have a $1,200 subwoofer I have to have re-coned. the card in this build can game (HD770) so my question is, is the extra $200 worth it? I guess it comes down to work, or play?

Well you only post one build, I'm assuming for your second build you're looking at a 8350 or some variant.  I would make sure the program you're using can really utilize the extra cores before you even consider it.  There aren't a ton of programs that can really take advantage of all those cores, so you would be wasting the money for really no gain.

Also with your first build its really gpu heavy as the cpu is ok but might want to at least consider an fx processor if you want to stay the amd route.  That x4 can bottleneck certain cpu heavy games, also you would have a better balanced system for both work and play if you went with a better cpu and stuck with a 770 or 760 to offset the cost difference.

Yeah, sorry about that. it is a 8320 with a HD7770 GHz Edition.   as far as multi-threads go VDJ and most of the others are multi-threaded.    as far as considering an FX, that is what the other board is for, But I cant afford a 8-core AND that CPU without making sacrifices I cant live with. that is where the crux of the problem comes in. I would have tried to downgrade to the 63xx's but they are only a couple of dollars less than the 8320  ...back at square one. :(

Well what exactly is your budget because you have a $200 price gap between the two setups?  I would say you could definitely fit an 8 core in with around $700 no problem with a better graphics card something like this is a little over 700 but with mail in rebates is just under 700.

that's a pretty awesome build man, I appreciate it. But my question was, work machine, or game machine with some elements of the other mixed in? I was really asking would It be worth the extra money to get the gaming machine that sacrifices 4 vcores in order to obtain a higher GPU. the budget is actually about $550 up front but I can make some other sacrifices that are not PC related in order to obtain the $750 build.  My apps are all resource intensive, Virtual DJ Pro, Albeton Live 8, Propellerhead reason, serato DJ, serato scratch and sometimes protools  I also use a host of proprietary hardware software along with Traktor when I am using my Traktor. So, while your build is great, I think I will go for my second build and add a higher graphics card when i am better suited to do it. I think a 7770 GHz will do alright for the time being.  I think i just needed someone to say "work is more important." that tends to happen a lot when you become self-employed. The things nobody tells ya.