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Configure Cisco 2960-C to connect to the internet

I got through the express setup, and am now sitting on the Device Manager page. I’m connected to the switch through port 1, and have my modem connected to port 10. All other ports are disabled. Everything is on the same vlan currently.

There is an ethernet port by the console port, but as the word console is under it I believe that’s for managing the switch.

I would prefer to not have to go into the cli at this point. (I’d rather save that for hardening the device security) How do I get the internet working?

No idea how to do it from the GUI, but you need to:

If you haven’t already, configure port 10 with an IP address. Must fall within the same subnet as your router’s inside address and subnet mask (usually Changing that last digit to a .2 will likely work.

Then add a default route. With Cisco there’s usually no “default” keyword spelled out for you, instead create a (“static”) route with an IP of and subnet mask of (or /0 if it accepts CIDR notation). The next part of the route being the IP address of your router, as mentioned above.

Was building this backwards. Returning the switch I bought. Was $250 for one from 2011. Getting a pfsense router, and figuring out which switch is right for my needs. Probably whatever they recommend.