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Config and pump noise

Hello,I m thinking of buying a distro the G1 for O11D XL but it comes with DDC 3.1 pump.Would this pump be an issue cooling my HEDT parts listed below.If it is I may upgrade to 3.25 DDC
but what concerns me is the noise.Would it be louder than D5?I also want to buy 2 radiators GTS 360 Top SR2 360 Bottom paired with some quiet rgb fans mabye ML120 or QL 120 so the distro is placed on the side of the case beacause I couldn t find a front replacement for it

My parts are TR 3990x Asus Zenith 2 Extreme Alpha O11D XL 2x Quadro RTX 8000 Monoblock or D RGB block Thank you!

Could be depends on how restrictive the loop, with those parts it probably would be pretty loud but you wont know till you do it, you could also upgrade to dual pumps or run two separate loops

If you have a setup already why not move parts over?

Or is this a planned build?