Condition zero or 1.6

Anyone down to play?


for certain reasons.

one being i dont own the game lol just css

1.6! im down! but not now maybe in like in an hour and me my steam id is esco559

lol thats sad :[

css is kind of fun its just too easy.

my first time playing I got banned from 5 servers for "hacking"

lol 6-1 ratio

@listed: cool mine is -Kaze*

ahaha :P

haha im good with css ill stick to cs 1.6

1.6 ftw :D

1.6 is okay i guess

I get bored

css is win. though i hate vac. dont ask

im thinking of playing cod4 heard it was good. any thoughts?

i should probably reinstall mine

CS Pro Mod Please!

bit too old now. Still fun at times though

o.O not really takes skills my friend un like css where you stray anywhere and you'll get a headshot like nothing...

played 1.6 for 2 years, made the switch to css 2 months ago. i like it

i play css/cz/1.6 with my cousin on occasion, but haven't played it for the past 2 months or so..


just dled pro mod ... lets see if its better than the last time i played it :D

It's better than source in any case

yea i just got 1.03 but there is only 1 server with people in it and it has like 200 ping :(