Condenser Microphone Recommendation

Hey community,
I'd be interested to hear what you have to say in regards to recommending me a microphone. I plan to use this microphone for home recording in a mini sound booth I'm making, meaning that it should be a condenser microphone.

I've already got an SM58 (which is great for live) and an interface with Phantom power.

I plan to recording singing/screaming \m/ (think Killswitch Engage), voice acting and commentaries. 

My budget is $100-$300 AUD and would appreciate good value for money, weighed against a microphone that will serve me well for years.

I appreciate the help.



Since you're in Australia, I would seriously suggest a RODE NT-1

it's a very good mic, with a not too accentuated proxymity effect. I would stick with a cardiod, but if you'd like a more 'open' sound, an omni might be a better choice (but you'll need seriuos audio insulation). If so, I'd spalsh a bit for this

You can also consider a more expensive Shure SM7, a staple of the industry, especially for loud&screaming vocals (and guitars ;) )

Another great great great choice is the RE20, a real beast for vocals, a staple in radio!

Also, Audix makes great 'budget' microphones (i use audix for drum recording and they're great!)


I know they're all in the upper limit of your budget, but any of the above choices will last you a lifetime and will be great to record with, although they might show the limitations of your interface preamps! It's the beginning of a very vicious circle!

Maybe this AudioTechnica Recording Condenser - only $119.00 AUD

Thanks dude for the in-depth reply, seriously. I will definitely buy one these and probably in the higher price bracket too. I might even be able to scab my brother's preamp for important recordings, thanks :D!

Thanks man. I love my ATH-m50s, AT is a great brand. I actually looked on pccg and though microphones would have its own category.

I've bought the RODE NT1-A. Very keen :)