Concerns about PSU

Hey guys,

So I just builded my new computer. So far I had no erros. But a couple of friends of mine say my psu will start freaking out and stuff, cause I will use to much power. We'll I personally think it's not true. But just to be sure I wanna know YOUR opinion about my build and if the PSU is enough. I'm currently using the system to game.

I saw the components on newegg:

The FX consumes 100W (95W)

On the 7870 it says that it needs a minimum of a 500W PSU

So i dont know if it wold go crazy (lol) but i wold recommend getting a 750 PSU MAX!

If you get a higher PSU from your current PSU you will have no problem.Always remember these words "dont skimp out on the PSU".Those are Logans words.

that PSU is fine as that setup doesn't take too much.

BUT if you're going to overclock alot you ARE going to run into some issues. otherwise it's fine.

PcPartpicker has it's own break down of the wattages

and as for the 7870XT "500 recomended" over compensates for the rest of the system. my HD6450 consumes less than 50watts and it recommends a 400W psu.

We'll i'll see how it runs for a couple of weeks. Hopefully they are completly wrong :)

550W is tight but, XFX is quality stuff,  the minum of 500W that the 7870 asks counts for the complete system, not only for the card, so the system will do fine, overclocking you dont wanne do at the Asrock extreme 3 so yea it will be fine. ☺Dont worry about it