Concerning this build - thoughts?

I do a lot with the computer, but we'll say primarily it's for gaming, and more so, I love Skyrim and modding the hell out of it to make it look stunning, so I would really like good performance with a lot of texture packs and ENB presets.

I should care to mention I am not the most savvy in computer building; I really only have built my current computer which was based on an OEM Lenovo MoBo which I stripped from OEM case and put it in my current case. So, that's kind of why I am here asking about the build for maybe some alternatives to this build.

It just needs to be:

Clean, quiet. "Low profile" comes to mind, but that also implies a small case, which obviously is not true.

Aesthetics first, then cost

SSD recommendations - since I am foregoing mechanical drive, I need SSDs with a high capacity and (hopefully) long life span

GPU recommendations; I chose the 780 because it's considerably cheaper than the 780ti, but my main concern is Skyrim with mods aplenty, so if there is a better option I'm open to it (Except the Titan Z.)

Cooling options; I may not be overclocking since it feels a bit intimidating since I have never done it before, but I still like my system running ultra cool, and should the day arise I am confident in overclocking I won't need to invest in new cooling. (I currently have an Corsair H100i in my system, but, again, I am open to other options in the cooling department. I could also probably use some recommendations in fans. Something quiet, and posh, of course.)

And really, the whole build is open to different options if you think any of my other choices are poor. Again: Aesthetics first, then cost.


**One last note; I obviously don't have the cash to drop on this whole build all at once, my plan was to start small and buy the parts gradually, starting with the case, then PSU, then RAM or Cooling, the MoBo, the CPU, and finally the GPU. I'm putting the GPU last in hopes that with the announcement of DX12 the current DX11 GPUs will fall in price. I can always upgrade to a DX12 GPU at a later date, but I'm not going to drop $700 on a brand new GPU.


Thanks for your support!


It's usually better to purchase parts for a PC all at once, or within one or two weeks total.

Anyway, on the build itself. Don't get the FX 9370. First of all, it would be far more efficient to just buy an 8320 and overclock for similar performance. However, since you are focusing on Skyrim, which doesn't utilize very many cores, definitely go Intel for this build. A 4670k would be a good bet (or the equivalent overclockable i5 in the Haswell refresh). Everything else looks pretty good (except for the motherboard - obviously you'll have to pick a different one since Haswell uses socket LGA 1150), and the 780 is probably the best card for the time being. The 780 Ti is much worse value for money, and AMD is horrible choice for Skyrim.

So, basically, aside from the CPU, it looks great. But I'd still just recommend saving all the money you need and then purchasing all at once.

hmmm, okay.

One of my original interests in upgrading my current i7 machine was because I have NEVER used AMD and I was a bit AMD-curious. You know, I'm still in my computer building adolescence so I'm expiramenting with funny things and finding my orientation for CPUs.

So, really this brings up 2 questions:

What are the flaws in AMD's architecture that makes Intel the better choice in this case?

and secondly:

I currently have a 3rd gen i7 @3.4Ghz (not over clocked), should I just use this same CPU on my new build, or should I upgrade?


And also; I was gonna ask why not wait; but it just occured to me why, so I'm guessing it's because I won't be able to test the hardware until months down the line which could mean expired warranties or return policies. Am I correct? Or are there other factors besides that?



i7 2600 Sandy Bridge