Concerned about a bottleneck

I just ordered a 3570k. I'm concerned that I have will have a bottleneck somewhere.


4gb DDR3 1600 MHz RAM (<--- My biggest concern)

GTX 650 TI BOOST OC Edition (I have a Pentium at the moment, and it bottlenecks the hell out of this card.)


And if I don't have a bottleneck, will I be able to run games like Skyrim, DayZ, and ArmA 3? (I'm playing in 720p by the way. That's why I didn't pour money towards my GPU.)

Also, to my understanding, Emulators are CPU-based. Will I be able to Emulate games at a reasonable framerate now?

The RAM won't bottleneck necessarily, but you should really have a minimum of 8GB for a smooth expierence. A 3570k won't bottleneck that card. 

Really though, even though you are playing at 720p, the GPU is still more important. Most games are much more GPU intensive.