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Hello everyone, I am currently a sophmore in university currently studying computer science. I don’t know if this is the right place to ask this, but I need some help when it comes to concentration and trying to stay focused on work.

I’ve had some minor problems with concentrating in freshman year of college, but everyone has that sort of thing, especially early on in the school year. After freshman year, I thought I would get over that sort of thing to some degree, but it feels like it is getting worse. Every time I look at any of my coursework, I feel incredibly overwhelmed. Besides Discrete Structures and my programming course to some extent, my coursework is far from the hardest in the world, but I have so much work to do every week. I know that I have the mental capacity to understand almost everything in my courses, it’s just that I feel so incredibly burdened I just kind of shut down and slack off. This is especially bad because I have a lot of deadlines to meet. It’s almost like I find learning a chore and I don’t really want to do it. I normally do enjoy learning about things, but lately it feels like I’m hitting my head against a wall or my brain is short circuiting.

I have no idea if I’m just complaining too much or if something is not right. What do you guys do when you are in a situation just like myself? Is there any tips I can use so that I can get my drive to study and learn again?


Convince yourself that this is a means to an end.

I dropped out of college feeling much the same as you. I now have a job working full time in a warehouse, and I regret every minute of not finishing college or any technical training. I’m miserable.

If college isn’t your thing, go get certified in something. Linux+, Networking+, CompTIA A+, literally anything is better than nothing. I’d be so much further in life if I had stuck with my education, or got certified. Now I gotta go back and do all that stuff on my own time and own dime.

You just gotta keep pushing. If you convince yourself that you can’t do it, you won’t. Convince yourself that you can do it, and you will. And remember, while grades are important, experience and hard work will get you much further in the field.

Hope this helps!


I studied engineering in college, and a strategy that helped me immensely to deal with the workload was just to organize it. I understand the feeling of being overwhelmed, and for me a lot of that stemmed from not really knowing how much work I was going to have to do (how many hours of work) to get my work done.

The easiest strategy for me was simply making lists and managing my calendar so I had a much better idea of what I needed to get done each day and what time I had free to get that work done. For example, I would enter all classes, study groups, and club or other extracurricular obligations in my Google calendar so that I could easily and visually see what time each day was already committed and what hours were free. Then I’d enter due-dates on that calendar (every homework, every project, etc.) by going through the class syllabi. Once all that info is laid out, I’d just make daily to-do lists. Every night or the following morning I’d make a quick list on paper of what work I was going to get done that day. Organizing things that way made it a lot easier for my mind to keep straight the responsibilities I had so that instead of being worried about them, I was able to start getting them done. It was also a nice psychological tool to look at that list at the end of the day and see all I’d accomplished. Anything I failed to do got put a the top of the next day’s list.

This may not exactly work for you, but using some tool to keep things straight can help reduce stress in a huge way. I think a big reason people losw the love for education is because they get scared and overwhelmed. But once you lay things out and methodically work at it, everything seems a lot more manageable. The time it takes to get organized is more than made up for by the increase in productivity you can expect.

Good luck and stick with it! You’ll hit your rhythm.


I’ve got the video for you.


Alright I will do my best to explain this in the easiest way possible. You tell yourself you want something… in this case it is concentration. The reason why you want concentration is because your distracted. But it is more then this… you have been concentrating on these distractions your whole life. So what you may be looking for is focus on what you are concentrating on. I only know of one way to train the self, to focus. Stop thinking. Ironic to say the least since this is atually not possible; however, The simple practice of not thinking in itself is the best practice for learning focus. It will teach you how to control your thoughts and then you can work your way to focus intent.

Meditate. Breath in and breath out slowly. Make sure your thoughts are on the breath… in… out… in … out. if you find yourself thinking about something other then where your breath is…start over. Soon enough you will be able to control which thoughts you give your attention to, and which ones to let go of… and that in itself is what you are seaking.

It will take practice… 15 minutes a day… But it will work, and only you can do it.

good luck. I do this every day, and it works.


Here are the things that I do when I need to get stuff done.

  1. Set an extremely fixed schedule for yourself. (and really stick to it for 2-3 weeks)
  2. Do not watch any videos of anything during this period. (no youtube, netflix, twitch, etc.)
  3. Walk around a lot (but by yourself)
  4. Minimize conversations with other beings (keep it at 0 if possible)
  5. Stay on the same bland diet during the 2-3 weeks. Healthy option is good but the priority is to stick to a bland diet that brings you little to no joy. (min. joy = max. productivity)

Try and fail a few times and then once you get used to it, you will be able to toggle between work mode and do nothing mode.

Good luck.


A lot of good advice so far. Scheduling and eliminating time wasters like videos and cell phone browsing are easy to do and extremely beneficial. Most people don’t realize just how big a time sink these things are.


This here is a very good topic for anyone interested in “becoming a better person” as it were. I agree there is some very good advice, and something in common is get rid of your distractions. All these worldly distractions mentioned here…youtube twitch, cell phone, and so on, are all those things keeping you from concentrating on what you want. Nobody can think for you, nobody can feel for you, so it is not possible for anyone else to know exactly where you are. It is also not possible for anyone to help you. You can get some good ideas from your environment; however, it is very possible none of those ideas or suggestions will fit to a perfect match. Trust yourself and your own feelings to which advice works for you. If you find there are too many distractions to even attempt a “re-direction” … pick a hobby, something creative, and any time you find yourself distracted from what you are wanting… go play that hobby. Substitute your distractions for something creative / constructive which has NOTHING to do with your goal. It is either the state of immediate gratification, or there is something else you would rather be doing, that is the true cause to this situation.