Computex Wrapup: Thoughts On AMD X570 + Ryzen 3000 (w/ASRock) | Level One Techs

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smiles and nods

I’m on the edge of my seat! :smiley:

Wow 10 new X570 boards from Asrock.
This is getting me excited. :slight_smile:


Did you see that Asus is doing like 20 or something ridiculous like that?

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Nope, but that would indeed be pretty ridiculous.
Seems like they really believe in Ryzen 2.

I just looked at the Gigabyte X570-i pro wifi.
That is also a pretty solid board as it looks in terms of the vrm.
6+2 phase configuration 6 for Vcore + 2 for soc, which isn’t that spectacular.
However seeing them using Infineon TDA21472 Smart power stages is kinda impressive.
Because those are pretty expensive 70A powerstages, although in a vrm situation,
they won’t go higher then 60A ish.
Still this makes this little board having a pretty decent vrm.
But the heatsink design is a bit questionable.
But of course this board isn’t really designed with overclocking in mind.
So in that regards it should be fine.

I mean how many boards does one actually need?
I get 4-5 for low end, mid and high end, but 10 new boards… Why?

Oh for fox sake…

Seems like they highly believe in Zen2.
If i look at the popularity of Ryzen i think that the mobo manufacturers,
have shot themselfs in the feet by bringing so fewer boards the previous launch.
Seems like they now wanne cash on Zen2 now.

I personally agree that like 20 boards is a bit overwhelming.
However i do like Asrock’s idea of bringing a few more board to the table,
like a workstation type of board without too much bling etc.
So yeah i’m kinda curious what their boards are up to.
Asrock generally has grown on me wenn it comes to value for money.
So i’m pretty curious about this launch.
I will definitely upgrade my system this year now.
I know i say this for like 2 years already.
But i think with Zen2 and maybe new TR sku’s on the Horyzen (yeah i actually did that) it finally feels worth it to me.

But i also agree with @wendell that AMD kinda stole this computex a bit.
I still think that intel also has some very nice products around.
And that we definitely should not forget them when recommending systems,
to new users.
However it’s kinda hard to deny the value for money that AMD offers,
for the people that use their system for more then just playing lol.
So yeah, for me personally i will stick with AMD being it either Zen2 or TR idk yet.

There are a lot of reasons, but what this really indicates is that the vendors are highly confident in AMD’s ability to outsell intel.

Yeah, astonishing, actually. They know something we don’t (yet).


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I always figured they had hands on with some ES chips to do board validations, at least…

Is that not the case?

Now this is interesting, looks like AsRock will support the Ryzen 3000 chips on all their B350/X370/B450/X470 boards, but even more surprisingly is that the Ryzen 3000 APUs will be supported on A320

Bugger me senseless…

Yeah sexy vrm. :stuck_out_tongue:
Although it’s kinda a bit overkill, still nice.

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Understatement of the week.