Computex 2019 Mega Thread

Still not sure what Gamers Nexus Steve burke was talking about,
in his video on the Msi X570 boards.
IR3599 being a powerstage? ehh yeah lol :woman_facepalming:

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I´m very interested in the Gigabyte am4 boards this time around.
I’m really currious to see what the 16 phase infineon XDPE132G5C pwm,
on the X570 Master can do. :slight_smile:

pretty swanky seeing that pwm used on consumor grade boards.

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Yeah this definitely is going to be a good year for hardware enthusiasts.

Pretty sure i´m going to upgrade my old FX8350 this year. :slight_smile:


Absolutely serious, me too.

The Linksys WRT54G is so deeply a part of how I identify “enthusiast routers”, I need it to have tenticles or spider legs to take it seriously.

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Ryzen home server build @wendell?

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Didn’t Antec make a case that allowes to put a 120mm fan behind the mainboard to prevent that odd ball Gigabyte board from burning?
No thanks on Gigabyte.

Which Gigabyte board do you mean?

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The GA X79 UD7 and the Antec 302 has the fan mount behind the CPU socket:


Just on the IPC gains (re: end of last thread). I find it interesting that for a while people have been saying that all of the low hanging fruit for IPC has been picked.

For AMD to get +15% from Zen1 to Zen2 after getting the +50% or whatever over bulldozer… and NOT be vulnerable to RIDL/Meltdown/Zombieload/etc. due to performance “hacks” that intel have been doing, perhaps indicates that maybe intel have been sitting on arse. AMD with way smaller budget are showing them up.

I would have been happy with 4 more cores for same price at 10% higher clocks with zen2, but the IPC gains are gravy…


A yeah the X79 UD7 wasn´t their best board ever indeed.
Still a great idea from Antec actually.


Eh was hoping for more than just that

Yo @wendell, looks like the X570 Taichi will support Thunderbolt AIC cards.

No 10gbe fail

The 3900x for $499 is crazy. My will is being tested. Temptation is too strong.


Creator has 10gb as does MSI godlike

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Looks like I am going to be excited about building a new pc this year.


Oh man. Gigabyte showed me some stuff. This is going to be a great year to build a pc


Yup some nice interesting stuff on the horyzen… :wink: