Computex 2018 Day 2: Seasonic and PowerColor | Level One Techs

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What is wrong with the Firestrike Demo at the PowerColor booth? That thing is tearing like crazy… One would think they know what FreeSync is :thinking:

Anyway, gotta see how the VRMs on the PowerColor cards are, for the 480 and 580 I was “not impressed” to say the least.
Not really a lot of options in the Vega space when it comes to vendors :frowning:

The mining thing I assume is basically a tiny motherboard with a kind of SoC or at least soldered CPU? The “USB” connections are probably PCIe, the same way mining boards do it.

The internet was too shit in their suite to get the Samsung Freesync firmware. The Freesync TV at the AMD thing was super impressive tho.

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Did you by any chance see any passive PSUs by Seasonic? I was wondering if they were going to roll out some new ones coupled with the whole passive PC cooler in the video.

Yep. 600w