Computervirus in German nuclear powerplant

The reactor controlls are not infected, the handler for the fuel rods however is. That is all I have to say.
Internet of things is a good idea, right? We can not even keep our existing stuff save!

German version:
English version:


Weird I would have thought they'd make that kind of stuff entirely cut off

here is a english version from what i can tell

Remember Stuxnet?

@Dje4321 Not really. Just going by the date. Siemens systems are used in every industry that has to controll something.


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You'll find me in my basement... building a shelter :D


Can I come over?

Yeah I would think they would have gone a little more secure with a java based OS :P

Lego robot anyone?

Sure, I live in Görlitz at the border to Poland.

Java and Security are like Hitler and Stalin - both used to exist at the same time and then one forced the other to commit suicide :D

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IoT at this state is not secure at all because those kind of systems are too basic to defend theirself from basically any attack. Also vendors do not include a manual override in case something goes wrong (this is an example ). I don't wan't to get locked in my house starving to death because someone on the internet has decided to hack my house. I imagine myself right now being like Del Spooner from I, Robot when I'll get old lol

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This is pretty old news right? It's stuxnet? Thanks to Pentagon & Jews!

That probably wasnt the Wendellstein reactor! lol.

Stuxnet, yes. The reactor with the virus, no.
First English articles are poping up now.

This is almost Stuxnet 2.0 if you ask me.

More importantly why are they allowing USB sticks in any secure environment?

Thats the problem with basicly any form of security.
Its getting weak over time.
Even human protocols.