Computer Wont start up

My Computer Wont start up but its but its not my power supply cause i just did the pin test and suggestions?

Did you just build it or has it just recently stopped working?

recently stopped working

Try using each stick of ram individually and see if it starts. May be because of a bad stick of ram.

Check to see if your hard drive is plugged in correctly.

currently in the process of taking everything out and putting it back to see if anything changes

I agree with bob345. I'd also unplug the power cable and hold the power button in for 10 seconds to fully discharge all electricity before turning it back on.

could you elaborate on the wont start up ? lights, fans, dingle balls does all of that come on , and than sticks somewhere, or you press the power button and absolutely nothing happens?

am not sure what the problem was but its fixed now but am pretty sure ama need to get a new motherboard what would happen was cpu , psu and fans and power lights would start then shut of right away and then continue to repeat this process till i unplugeed

no sound was being made just a short spin of all fans and flicker of lights when the fans spin i was saw the fans made about 1 full spin before stopping

Most likely the psu detects a short and won't feed more power into it. You could unplug your gfx card aswell and see if it boots without it and if not the mobo or cpu might be fried.

well its working now but am worried about future problems so any probable explanation is welcome

Oh cool! No worries then.

possibly a connector not secured properly; unproperly seated ram with often create that situation . As villian most probably the psu is either protecting itself or the mobo.

edit 1 = that does not necessarily indicates voltage problems; it could just be a confirmation signal not being generated. If you rma and they find is at your expense. Sometimes, due to the rigidity of the display signal cables, the display adapter can be offset from it s proper seating position.